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While there are broad similarities between die cast die and plastic injection mold tooling, there are substantial differences. That’s where Dura Mold comes in.

While we have a long history of building a wide range of high-performance long-lasting plastic injection mold tools, we focus our skill and experience toward “under the hood” automotive components and the indoor/outdoor power tool, and pet product industries.

Like the die cast side of our business, we have substantial in-house resources and equipment. Plus, we can also leverage personally vetted, highly reliable, quality-focused, off-shore partners to deliver solutions that meet the most rigorous requirements at a competitive price.

In fact, we further reinforce quality by employing a Dura Mold project manager off-shore to ensure that our supply base and its projects meet or exceed end-customer expectations, requirements, and standards.

Even more, Dura Mold has its molds inspected and tested before shipment off-shore and again here in its U.S. facility to ensure the mold performs as designed before final delivery.

Most importantly, each Dura Mold customer has the support of a dedicated customer service cell, a dedicated project manager and a solid management team with combined industry experience of over 100 years to back them up.

Beneath it all, in everything we do and in every way we do it, Dura Mold delivers Service with Integrity.