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Dura Mold prototype tools provide a perfect solution for customers who need to deliver superior-quality, low-volume production parts with limited time and a very limited budget.

In as little as 20% of the time it takes to build a production tool, a prototype tool can be built and sample parts made. This added benefit is accomplished without compromising the integrity, quality, or strength of the tool or part.

To enable you to prove out your production tools more quickly, Dura Mold uses robust flow simulations capable of analyzing highly complex runner designs in a production environment. This enables design inefficiencies and flaws to be quickly identified. That, along with decades of experience, saves you time and maximizes your tooling capital.

To better control costs and increase speed, the tool is made and stays off-shore. Parts are shipped to our U.S. facility where secondary operations and final inspections are completed before delivery.

To maintain quality, the inspection process guarantees that sample parts made from Dura Mold tools always meet or exceed print, dimensional, porosity and x-ray specifications. In other words, our prototype tools deliver a completely design-intent part.

In fact, the Dura Mold quality process strives to make it virtually impossible to distinguish between a part made by our prototype tools and a fully operational production tool.

As a reliable and trusted Tier 1 automotive and OEM partner, you can also have great confidence in Dura Mold prototype tool manufacturing experience and part integrity whether it’s die cast, or injection mold.

Most importantly, each Dura Mold customer has the support of a dedicated customer service cell, a dedicated project manager and a solid management team with combined industry experience of over 100 years to back them up.

Beneath it all, in everything we do and in every way we do it, Dura Mold delivers Service with Integrity.