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Let’s face it, without effective tools and strong expertise, a die or mold design can’t achieve expectations or deliver optimum results.

The great news is that Dura Mold has both.

We are more than equipped to address and conquer your toughest design challenges with deep, forward-thinking, and effective solutions. Solutions that can deliver outstanding, long-lasting tool performance or solve the most persistent and complex problems.

In other words, we have answers because we have been building tools and solving customer design problems for decades.

The Tools: We can support or translate a wide range of CAD applications, such as:

  • NX

The Expertise: Every part model that arrives at Dura Mold goes through an arduous 21-step design review process.

From specification to part print review to part model draft and wall thickness analysis, and everything in between, Dura Mold is in close customer collaboration until every element is thoroughly understood and captured.

When complete, the final step is to perform flow simulation, approximate the mold size with respect to press specifications, and apply everything we learned so that the design requirement is fully satisfied and can reach its maximum potential.

Even more, due to the efficiency of our 21-step process, customers have consistently experienced significant reductions in engineering and design time compared to other suppliers.


Whether it’s taking a new concept to market, recreating an obsolete part, or an urgent takeover tool repair or replacement is needed–without prints or data–Dura Mold is eager to tackle these opportunities.

Regardless of the challenge, Dura Mold is very proficient at constructing highly detailed tool steel and part models by creating data and identifying critical dimensions using a variety of methods. At times, hand micrometers, calipers, and gauge pins are sufficient. However, when requirements demand precise data, we turn to our high-precision, superior performance PCMM scanning arm or CMM machine instruments. They include:

  • Faro Edge Arm PCMM Laser Scanner and Probe with PolyWorks Software
  • Keyence VL-570 Series CMM 3D Camera CNC Scanner
  • Hexagon Global S Green 12.15.10 CMM Featuring PC-DMIS CAD++ 2022.2 with Parasolid Import License

Despite the circumstances, Dura Mold can construct geometry from your sample, create a design, and quickly deliver the results you need to build or repair high-quality, high-performance tools.

Most importantly, each Dura Mold customer has the support of a dedicated customer service cell, a project manager, and a solid management team with a combined industry experience of over 100 years to back them up.

Beneath it all, in everything we do and in every way we do it, Dura Mold delivers Service with Integrity.