Porosity: Using Mold Flow
Analysis on Die Cast Dies

Dura Mold has been building die cast dies and tooling since 2004. We provide our customers with the quality tooling they need to minimize scrap rates due to porosity.

Some of the mold flow analysis applications we use to ensure that we provide quality castings are Magma, EKK, or ProCAST.

Types of Defects: Gas-Related vs. Shrinkage

Porosity refers to any holes or voids that form on the surface or thicker cross-sectional areas of a high pressure die cast part. High levels of porosity can significantly affect the structural integrity and performance of a part, as well as lead to leakage and could contribute to fatigue or early failures.

Gas-Related Porosity

The most common types of porosity are gas and shrinkage. Gas-related porosity is caused when air or gas from lubricant is introduced into the liquid metal and trapped there during solidification. Typically, gas porosity is round and smooth in appearance.

Shrinkage Porosity

Shrinkage-related porosity are voids within the cast aluminum that occurs during solidification. This defect can weaken part integrity and decrease the part’s corrosion resistance. Shrinkage porosity is often rough, irregular or jagged in appearance.

Mold Flow Analysis

Major gas porosity can be minimized before it occurs. At Dura Mold, we test the validation of our flow path through Mold Flow Analysis. This simulation examines how the molten metal will flow through the cavity, potential shrinkage, process conditions, and the potential for porosity as a result of trapped gas, air, or the last points of solidification.

Typically, this involves adjusting the runner direction or thickness, or adjusting the feed of the metal and its subsequent cooling.

It’s strong processes like these that make Dura Mold a reliable partner for die cast dies and related tooling. We ensure that our customers receive only the best molds and tooling so that they can manufacture the best possible products.

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